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Are you a landlord or property owner facing issues with your tenant? Maybe your tenant has not paid rent in some time or they are violating their lease or tenancy in another way. Either way, you need a landlord lawyer on your side. We have had over 25 years' experience representing landlords and property owners who need to bring actions against their tenants. We have filed thousands of cases against tenants in housing courts across New York City for many reasons, including expiration of a tenant's lease and their refusal to leave the apartment, non-renewal of their rent stabilized lease, nuisance, squatter and having pets or washing machines in their apartment in violation of their lease, to name a few. We have successfully represented hundreds of landlords and property owners and helped negotiate payment of full rent arrears or arrange different types of settlements, including putting a tenant on probation or doing "cash for keys" deals so that the tenant or occupant leaves quickly and does not delay the housing court proceeding. If we cannot settle a case, we will vigorously pursue an eviction of the tenant or occupant.   

Our reasonable fees include all predicate notices and their respective service, the preparation of the pleadings, the filing of the action, service of the pleadings, all regular court appearances and negotiations with the tenants or their representatives. We also work with the marshal to make sure that the eviction process goes smoothly in the event we cannot settle with the tenant.

For landlords and property owners trying to take on the eviction process on their own, it can be very difficult to ensure full compliance with the law and other procedural requirements. Any small failure to comply with the law could result in dismissal of your case. That is why it is best to have a landlord lawyer who has extensive experience and relationships with the housing court judges, court personnel, legal service providers and various city marshals necessary to resolve your case expeditiously. 

If you need to start a case against a tenant or other occupant, please call us now to get started.        

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