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Posted by Jordan Tapia | Jul 28, 2021

Although document submissions for CERAP have been relaxed and this should make it easier for approval, money still has not been released. According to the latest update on chip, despite all the promises from Governor Cuomo to better improve CERAP no substantive change has been made. Cuomo pledged to hire more staff in order to get the funds distributed to the 5,000 applications that have already been approved, this should be done by August 3. The increase in staff will also help process applications much faster, so keep an eye on your applications in the next few days. 

On another note there has been more speculation about the eviction moratorium being extended. Their argument is that due to the Delta variant the number of cases are spiking again therefore being a bigger health risk to the public. If the question being debated is about public health, instead of what could happen to the tenants and landlords if the moratorium is extended, then perhaps the elected officials would consider extending the moratorium. 

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