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New Orders!

Posted by Jordan Tapia | Aug 17, 2021

According to the Community Housing Improvement Program, OCA has issued two new orders in response to the Supreme Court's decision from last week. The first order states that all property owners have to file a “Petitioner Notice of Pending or Completed Rental Assistance Application” but this only applies if they are seeking possession of the unit in which that tenant lives in. The second order outlines what procedures have to be done for pre-pandemic cases. This will include the mandatory initial conference to determine and make sure that the tenant will not be evicted wrongly, especially due to all the other protections still available to tenants. 

In other news, Governor Cuomo has signed the Housing Our Neighbors With Dignity Act. This act will provide ways of converting distressed hotels and commercial properties into affordable housing, but due to the cost of renovating these buildings and the lack of money the state currently has for this program, it is expected that only a handful of buildings will actually be converted. 

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